Fantasy Author's Handbook

Worldbuilding—the creation of completely imagined settings—is the cornerstone of the fantasy and science fiction genres, and the exercise can be enormously fun and immersive in its own right. In fact, the biggest challenge for most genre authors isn’t “when can I stop worldbuilding?” but “how can I stop worldbuilding?” There’s always another question to be answered, another secret ritual, another set of military or political ranks.

In my eight-week Worldbuilding class, I break the task of building an SF or fantasy world into six broad categories. And though the class is about how to build compelling settings, I try to keep circling back to what I insist is at the heart of the whole enterprise: story.

A story is characters in conflict. Stories are about people doing things. And as storytellers we always have to start with characters, put them into an interesting situation, and think of…

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