NaNoWriMo for Discovery Writers

A Momentary Equilibrium Issue

I hear all the time through the month of October that NaNoWriMo participants should be prepping their novel by outlining.  Now, I’m sure this works for some people, however I’ve found that most discovery writers – myself included – will lose complete interest in their story once it has been outlined.  Once the story is outlined for a writer who’s greatest joy is discovering the story via the writing process, they will no longer need to write it because they have told themselves the story.  So where’s our list of prep work pre-NaNo?  Why are we forced to sift through the long posts directed toward outliners to find something useful to us?

I have compiled a list of links and posts specifically for myself as well as fellow discovery writers.  Here is what we can do pre-NaNoWriMo to prepare ourselves, our worlds, our characters – our story for writing. 

  1. Get…

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