I have followed this blog for a while now, read through as many articles as my free-time has allowed, and I have found some great advice thereon for my own writing. So this post is a bit more for myself than anything else, but I thought it might also be useful to those who follow Writing Blocks.
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Writing Your Way

This blog has run for three years, as I used it to create a book on how to write your way instead of the way you were taught. The idea is to match and enhance your strengths, not somebody else’s. And it shows you how to create your own voice to match your new writing process.

Last year, I extracted 145 posts from the blog and rearranged them into book order, instead of the catch-as-catch-can order of blogs. I wrote a few bridging passages, created new front matter, and added apparatus: bibliography, credits, etc. Then I rewrote the entire typescript four times to change the focus from journalistic techniques to general professional writing practices.

I was helped by my tough agent, Liv Blumer, and my editor at Writer’s Digest, Scott Francis, who kept pressuring me toward reframing that made the book more accessible to general readers. Thank…

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  1. Thanks, Tatiana.
    The book makes more sense than the blog because it’s rearranged into writing process order.
    All best, Don

    • Oh, yes. That makes sense, as you had some more time to organize and edit how you wanted it presented in book form. Rather than the way a blog is formed, idea-by-idea then post-by-post. ^-^ I look forward to reading it, literally the second I have some spare money with which to buy it.

      Thanks for sharing your advice with those of us who read your blog. You have helped me so much along my novel and writing processes! I cannot thank you enough. ^-^

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