Jointly Held Story

Jointly Held Story.  Speak the beginning of a story with someone else.  Choose someone you know well, who also writes, but that’s not a necessity.  Choose a good storyteller.  Do this in a relatively private place, where you won’t be interrupted.  One person starts the story and continues for a few sentences.  The next person continues for another few sentences, and so on for a while.  You don’t need to start up right away after the other person has finished his or her bit.  End when you feel things getting exciting.  Both speakers should go away from the experience and write down what they remember of the story, but don’t write the tale down right away.  Let it sit in your memories for a day or so.  Don’t play games of one-upmanship with your partner.  Be faithful to the growing story and the characters created on the spur of the moment.  Listen to the other person’s quirks of storytelling.  Let someone else’s manner of creating a story guide you and influence your own story-telling style.  The two stories that result from this exercise ought to be quite different from one another.  1,000 words.

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